Aluminum profiles with 39mm thermal strip for combined aluminum and wood joinery, for structural glazing

Valeo WOOD 39S is a system for windows and doors of composite profiles made of aluminum profiles with thermal strip and solid wood profiles, facing the latest requirements for energy efficiency of buildings.
The combination of thick-walled aluminum profiles with thermal srip profiles, wood profiles and additional microporous insulators provides excellent thermal insulation with heat transfer coefficient U = 0.77 W / m2.

Main characteristics:

  • Frame width 82mm,
  •  Sash width 105mm,
  • Minimum height of profile frame / door frame/wing 123mm,
  • Walls of profiles 1.5mm to 2.2mm strengthened at the loading points
  • Thermal interruption, through 39mm wide polyamide strips,
  • Profiles of various types of solid wood, varnished
  • Multi-chamber EPDM gaskets,
  • Glazing Option 1 – single-chamber double glazing 29mm or double-chamber triple glazing 36mm
  • Glazing Option 2 – structurally glued to the sash, two-chamber double glazing 52mm
  • reliable, multipoint closing and locking, with burglary protection options
  • an elegant straight line outside,
  • warmth and coziness created by the wooden profiles inside,
  • options for fixing additional, decorative, wooden profiles from the inside,
  • a wide selection of color solutions and special decorations


Test Protocol of Product of Initial Type No ITT-14.8 / 23.09.2014, Publisher NISI Sofia (Building Research Institute).

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