Aluminum profiles with 24mm thermal strip

Valeo Exellent 80 is a window and door system made of aluminum profiles that meets the latest energy efficiency requirements for buildings. The combination of thick-walled aluminum profiles with thermal strip and additional microporous gaskets provides excellent thermal insulation with a heat transfer coefficient U = 0.77 W / m2.

Main characteristics:

  • Frame width 83mm,
  • Sash width 92mm,
  • Minimum height of profile frame / door frame/wing 123mm,
  • Walls of profiles 1.5mm to 2.2mm strengthened at the loading points
  • Thermal interruption, through 24mm wide polyamide plates,
  • multi-chamber EPDM gaskets,
  • glazing – double-chamber triple glazing 38mm or 46mm,
  • reliable, multipoint closing and locking, with burglary protection options
  • an elegant straight line,
  • a wide selection of color solutions and special decorations


Test Protocol of Product of Initial Type No ITT-14.8 / 23.09.2014, Publisher NISI Sofia (Building Research Institute).

BDS EN 14351-1:2006+A1:2010 – Windows and doors. Product standard, performance characteristics. Part 1: Windows and external pedestrian door sets without resistance to fire and/or smoke leakage characteristics.
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