Insulating properties of the glass

In terms of noise
In order to reduce the increasing impact of noise pollution in our daily environment, there are solutions that can reduce the noise by 50 dB or more. This type of acoustic performance is achieved using the techniques described below.

  • one-chamber or double glazing with different thicknesses of glass
  • increasing the mass of the glass;
  • using of laminated glass, particularly acoustically laminated glass such as: Stratophone

In terms of warmth

  • Conventional insulating glass Thermobel
  • Low –emission glass. These are coated insulating glasses (Sunergy, Planibel G, Stopray, ipasol, iplus), which can reduce energy losses to one-fifth of the level of ordinary single-panes.

Safety and security

Fire resistance
There are two main criteria for classification of fire resistance – the flame retardancy criterion and the fire resistance criterion. Pyrobelite: fireproof glass assembled with the application of two or more inlaying intermediate layers which expand in case of a fire.
The explosion-resistance protected laminated safety glass is designed to remain on its place after it endures a shock wave created by an external explosion. Explosion-resistant glass is ideal for banks, police stations, jewelry stores, petroleum industry facilities and others.
Laminated safety glass provides protection from vandalism, breakthrough and protection from burglary. Laminated safety glass prevents or slows down the breakthrough. The level of protection that is provided depends on the number and thickness of the intermediate layers used in the laminated glass
The bulletproof laminated safety glass is designed to withstand a number of bullets fired from different types of weapons using different types of ammunition.

Solar control

These glasses help control the amount of solar energy that enters the building which saves money by reducing the amount of energy used from heating and air conditioning systems and increases the comfort in the building by controlling indoor temperatures and lighting levels. The control of solar energy, expressed in the solar factor of the glass, will vary depending on: the amount of heat absorbed by the glass and the amount of heat reflected.

Main groups of glasses:

Planibel Clear
Universal, smooth, transparent glass with different thicknesses. It can be processed in any possible way (grinding, bending, hardening, …) and is often used as a base glass for a whole range of glassware including:

  • Mirrors and painted glass, engraved matt glass
  • Tempered and laminated glass, safety and security glass
  • Coated glass: solar control glass and insulating glass
  • Double and triple glazing

Planibel Colored
Smooth, coloured glass, available in several colours- PrivaBlue, Dark Blue, Azur, Bronze, Gray and Green. The beauty of this glass is based on the fact that the color is weaved into the glass itself, so the intensity of the color depends on the thickness of the glass. It is applied in the construction in regions with significant sunlight as a cost effective way to filter light and heat at a low level of light reflection.

As the most famous brand of coated glass in the world, Stopsol is a brand recognized for its incredible aesthetics due to the combination of brilliant coatings and the expanded range of colored glass. This range of solid-state glass provides the privacy and comfort of the people in a building and reduces the expenses for air conditioning due to its low solar factor. In addition, this product can be used in a variety of ways: as single glass (tempered or not), as a laminated glass or bent glass, as double or triple glazing, which results in the highest level of freedom in processing and design. A wide range of different aesthetics due to the combination of three different reflective coatings with a wide range of colored glass.

High-quality, soft-cover glasses. They allow maximum natural lighting in the building, but without the penetration of any heat. As a result, it provides high solar protection, while being transparent and maintaining a neutral color. Always applied in double or triple glazing, it is suitable for use in all climatic conditions as it controls the heat input during the summer and keeps heat in the winter. Since Stopray is also available in hardening versions (the Stopray T series), this brand offers greater freedom of design. The ratio between light transmission (72%) and sun protection (38%) is 1.89. It reduces air conditioning and heating costs by providing the highest level of natural lighting.

“Plus” in this iplus range is equivalent to high thermal insulation and high light transmission. Iplus coatings are durable, resistant to scratches and handling, which makes it easy to be processed. The products of the iplus range offer a wide range of features: Thermal insulation, preserves heat inside in winter without compromising the natural light, “sun control”, prevents overheating and maintains excellent thermal insulation (iplus EnergyN), anti-condensation with single-coated products (iplus AF ) or double coat (iplus AF Top and iplus AF EnergyN), high thermal insulation (iplus Top 1.1, iplus Advanced 1.0, iplus Twin Top, iplus LS). This range of products has versions compatible with the tempering process (iplus Top 1.1T, iplus Advanced 1.0T, iplus LST, iplus EnergyNT) for improving the safety of the glass.

Ipasol is the largest range of solar control glasses in terms of neutral colors, light transmission and sun protection. Particularly suitable for office buildings, Interpane’s range of soft covers meets the requirements of incredible neutral aesthetics, top light and energy performance. Ipasol is a glass with a soft covering that can be tempered. It provides the highest level of selectivity (1.89) – the ratio of light transmission (70%) and solar protection (37%). It reduces air conditioning and heating costs by offering the highest level of natural lighting. It has a very low heat transfer coefficient (Ug value 1.1 or 1.0 W m² K).

Sunergy combines very light reflection with a wide range of colors. This range of solid-state solar control glasses guarantees a good level of comfort combined with low efficiency (low U value) and high solar control properties (low solar factor).

The energy range can be described as a Low-e Solar Control range that perfectly combine the efficiency of low-emissive products with the features of solar power management products. It provides good thermal insulation, allows the penetration of a lot of natural light into the building, but it prevents the penetration of excess heat. It is suitable for all weather conditions as it effectively controls summer heat out of the building and maintains warmth inside the building during the winter.

Planibel Low-E
High-quality low-emitting glass.
Low-emission single-layered Planibel LOW-E glass lead to significantly lower energy consumption and CO² emissions.

Designed to keep people safe, Stratobel is an expanded range of laminated glass that looks identical to ordinary glass but is strong enough to provide protection from injuries, falls, destruction and vandalism. Transparent protection is provided by an interlayer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB), a plastic material placed between two sheets of glass. Different glass thickness and configurations determine the level of safety. If this glass is broken, it breaks into blunt fragments that adhere to PVB. It could be used as a protection against falling – it prevents falling, as the glass stays together – even when broken, protection against breakthrough and vandalism or protection from climatic factors.

Offers high-level acoustic insulation, Stratophone has the same protection as Stratobel, but it also absorbs sound. This is due to a special acoustic PVB layer that functions as a noise barrier. The higher the acoustic insulation of the windows, the higher the level of comfort, which has a positive impact on health and well-being. Depending on the safety requirements and improved sound insulation, different glass thicknesses and PVB interlayers can be combined, while the glass remains completely transparent.

Lacobel T
Glass covered on one of its sides with high-quality paint, which has to be thermally-treated. Lacobel T is the first range of painted glass that can be instantly cut and tempered. Available in 10 modern colors. This glass is sound, safe and highly resistant to heat, thermal shock and ultraviolet rays, so it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is endurable to a thermal shock and is five times stronger due to the tempering process. The smooth and glossy outer part facilitates installation and maintenance process.

Laminated fireproof glass
In case of fire Pyrobel-Pyrobelite laminated fireproof glass containing transparent Planibel glass and transparent in- between layers, the latter convert themselves into opaque screens that protect against flames and reduce or stop the transmission of heat.