The beginning was set in 1994 when Mr. Valentin Ikonomov founded a company “Abis – Valentin Ikonomov” ET (sole trader) with main activities production, supply and installation of aluminum joinery and glazing. Led by the desire to offer quality products to our customers, we put in materials with proven qualities. We have a base equipped with the necessary machinery and tools to ensure the production process.

With an unceasing enthusiasm, we research, develop and introduce new products to meet the high demands of our customers.

In 2000, following a request of our customer, we made our first development of a series of combined profiles – aluminum with thermal insulation and solid wood. In 2000-2001. we produced over 600 sq.m. of this type of joinery.

The necessity to process wood for our joinery led to the equipment of a new base with woodprocessing machines and equipment. This gave us new opportunities and we introduced the production of internal and external doors – massive, veneered and implementation of individual interior projects.

In 2006 – 2007, we developed our second series of combined aluminum and wood profiles, improved and made easier to manufacture. Our colleagues also believed in our product and introduced it into production for their Bulgarian and international customers.

At the end of 2011, again, in order to satisfy the desire of our customer, we started the development of a completely new concept for combined aluminum and wooden joinery. We developed and introduced into production four new series of aluminum profiles for windows:

  • VALEO EXELLENT 80 series – aluminum profiles with 24mm thermal strip, for standard aluminum joinery,
  • VALEO WOOD 39 series – aluminum profiles with 39mm thermal strip for combined aluminum and wood joinery,
  • VALEO WOOD 39s series – Aluminum profiles with 39mm thermal strip for combined aluminum and wood joinery, for structural glazing,
  • VALEO WOOD 24 series – Aluminum profiles with 24mm thermal strip for combined aluminum and wood joinery,

With this we set up the beginning of “ABIS VALEO” Ltd. The series of “ABIS VALEO” Ltd. are patented.

In 2014, we tested our products in NISI – Sofia (Building Research Institute), which proved a heat transfer coefficient U = 0.77 W / (m².K). Study report (protocol) -ITT-14.8 / 23.09.2014.

In 2017. we developed and introduced combined aluminum and wooden profiles for the production of exterior doors and an option for fixing ROLLENBAND hinges.

A system of aluminum profiles for the construction of cladding of composite panel has been developed and is to be put into production.